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A Brief History of 3TOOL

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

3TOOL is an intuitive and easy to use physiotherapy tool that is used by both physiotherapists and patients to treat muscle pain all around the world.

3TOOL was developed and launched to aid in the treatment of muscle pain/ overload and can be used by patients in the comfort of their own home doing exercises prescribed by their physiotherapist.

Although simple in design, 3TOOL was the result of three years of research by a team of physiotherapists from Fisioterapia Valdespartera and Universidad San Jorge and engineers from the HOWLab group at the University of Zaragoza, Spain.

Why 3TOOL was created?

According to International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) Eighty million Europeans have some form of chronic pain, of which one in three is unable or very limited to live independently and autonomously because of the pain they have to live with.

The most frequent problems that can cause chronic pain are: back pain (66%), joint pain (52%) and neck pain (32%).

Most chronic pain sufferers who have muscle aches and overloads usually visit their physiotherapist either at times when there is an acute crisis or when the muscle overload alters the quality of life even if it does not become incapacitating.

To make physiotherapy treatments effective for the sufferer, it is very important that the patient understands how their lifestyle factors play an important role in managing and avoiding chronic pain.

Whilst a physiotherapist can treat chronic pain they usually also recommend the patient do simple exercises at home. These exercises are often self-massage and/or compression of muscular contractures which, if performed correctly, can facilitate in the recovery of any muscular pain.

This is why 3TOOL was created since there was a market need to develop a tool that could specifically compress the contractures in a simple yet effective way and allow patients to do exercises independently.

The market for chronic pain treatment has many options, but none are like 3TOOL.

3TOOL is the most versatile tool on the market that can be used in three different ways, both by professionals and by patients, thanks to its three zones explained below.


This zone is designed for the treatment of trigger points. Its rounded zone allows a selective application on the trigger point and its material allows to have a sensation of the rigidity of the support zone. It is designed for professional users, who can perform an ergonomic grip and perform a certain force, and another for non-professional use, where patients can support that painful point or contracture, and perform a compression thanks to the stability that gives the tool on any surface.


This area has a rounded area that serves for the application of massage on certain large muscle areas or fascial release like in the plantar fascia. Both physios and patients can make an ergonomic take and make those pressures on those areas.


Specifically designed for use on the spine, especially in the dorsal area thanks to its recess that allows us to rest on the spine without it being compressed.

This concept of developing a "tool" was put forward and received two innovation awards that allowed the prototypes to be developed until they reached the final product.

In this process, according to one of the inventors, Dr. Pablo Herrero, "we realized that as physiotherapists introducing a few small ergonomic changes could be useful both as a wedge for mobilizing the spine and as a tool for compressing trigger points, as well as for massaging specific areas".

Throughout the process, the prototypes were tested by both physiotherapists and patients in order to implement the best characteristics in terms of shape, size and hardness.

The end result of years of research and testing created 3TOOL.

Today, thousands of people already have 3TOOL at home for self-treatment of muscle pain and hundreds of physiotherapy clinics in more than 30 countries.

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