Frequent asked questions

What is 3tool?

3TOOL has been designed for the treatment of muscle pain or caused by muscle contractures, so it has three clearly differentiated areas depending on the most common uses and ailments. In its design, the necessary adaptations have also been included so that both professionals and patients who wish to carry out physiotherapy treatment at home can use it. Its applications are multiple but it highlights the specificity to perform compression on muscle contractures, the application of massage and its use as a wedge to mobilize rigid vertebral segments (in the case of professionals) or to do simple exercises for the spine (in the case of patients).

Are there any risks associated with using 3TOOL?

3TOOL has been designed for the use of both professionals and non-professionals. It is recommended that you always follow the guidelines of a professional when using it in injuries as your physiotherapist can give you recommendations on the intensity of the force or the time that the application should last, as well as the areas that are directly related to your symptoms.


When there is no injury and 3TOOL is used for a non-therapeutic purpose but more for well-being or self-care to prevent injuries, it is sufficient that the intensity of the application or the time of application does not cause pain or leave the area sensitized. If you have any questions you can contact us at

Can 3TOOL be used with any massage cream?

It is recommended to use 3TOOL with creams or massage oils based on the following:

- Natural of animal and / or vegetable origin (with the exception of oils containing citrus, cereals, rapeseed, creosote, olive and pineapple).

- Minerals

- Synthetics (preferably aniline point <190ºC)


It is discouraged to use 3TOOL with creams or massage oils based on ketones (oxygenated solvents), alcohol based, diester base or chlorinated / degreasing compounds.


Although they do not affect the safety of the product, they can produce aesthetic alterations (discolorations of the 3TOOL) and a decrease in its useful life

How do you clean 3TOOL?

It is recommended to use water and soap, although antiseptic products prepared with chlorhexidine base could be used

What Quality Control passed does 3TOOL have?

Within the manufacturing process, a first filtering is carried out in the factory of those pieces that could contain functional defects which would never affect the safety of the product but rather the loss of effectiveness in the treatment. Once before being packaged and already in the warehouse, a second review is carried out in case there is any piece that has passed the first controls. At the injection point it is common to see a slight bulge, however the base should not be domed so that it is stable if placed on any surface. Likewise, the injection point can have an irregular finish but it should never present a hole with a depth greater than 3mm that would make it impossible to clean or disinfect it. 

I have observed small marks or apparent aesthetic defects in the product. Is this normal?

Yes, it is normal and does not pose any risk or alter the functionality of the product. During the manufacturing process, small imperfections in the filling can occur that are observed as small marks or "rubs" that do not alter the functionality of the product.

See examples here > 1


It is frequent that the point of injection is irregular and it may touch in contact with the skin, but this area should never touch the skin if the product is used properly, so that some irregularities in the finish are normal.

See example here > 2


Sometimes the pigmentation is irregular and may appear somewhat darker or darker areas that can give the impression that the product is dirty but if you try to clean it will verify that it is intrinsic to the material You can also see clearer areas that are marks left in the demolding process.

See examples here > 3


You can also observe some points or lines with more color due to excess blue pigmentation in some area. See examples here > 4


All these imperfections are aesthetic and do not affect the safety or functionality of the product.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery period of the products is 5 working days in Spain since the order is placed. The order is processed in the first 24h and depending on the area of ​​Spain of delivery take to arrive between 2 and 4 days, provided that the data is correct and the recipient is at home. If this is not the case, the delivery company leaves a notice or calls the mobile phone provided and specifies a day and time for the second delivery.

Do you ship outside of Spain?

Yes, it is possible to make purchases and shipments are made to all countries in the world, either directly or through local distributors. The delivery time may vary depending on the possible limitations or delays in the customs processing, so it is impossible to define a deadline for each country, but it may be around 10 days in the Euro zone and 15-20 days. days in the non-Euro zone. For more info see our shipping policy:

What payment methods do you support?

From you can make payments with Paypal and bank card. We accept all major credit cards.

What are the shipping costs?

For Spain (in what is the peninsula) the cost of shipping is free.

Orders from outside of Spain:

• € 15 to Portugal and Andorra in the case of one to four units. If the order is of 5 or more units the shipping costs are free

• For remains of international destinations in the case of one to four units, the shipping costs are € 25. If the order is of 5 or more units the shipping costs are free.

For Spain only: Are shipments made to the Canary Islands Ceuta and Melilla?

No. We do not ship to Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla

Can I return my product if opened and used?

Returns can be made within 15 days after the purchase of the product. To proceed with the return, the product must be in perfect condition and without having been used, together with the corresponding original packaging.

Once the returned product is received and after inspecting it, if it meets the conditions, a refund will be made in the same way in which the purchase was made, within a period of between 5 and 15 working days. Remember that the deadlines for returning the money to your credit card will depend on your bank and that the shipping costs will be paid by the customer.

Interested to become a 3TOOL distributor?

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