Below are example of common defects that occur during the manufacturing process and are normal. These defects may be on a new unused 3TOOL. If you have any questions you can contact 3TOOL Customer Support: info@3-tool.com

1. During the manufacturing process, small imperfections in the filling can occur that are observed as small marks or "rubs" that do not alter the functionality of the product as shown in the highlighted images below.

2. It is frequent that the point of injection is irregular and it may touch in contact with the skin, but this area should never touch the skin if the product is used properly, so that some irregularities in the finish are normal as highlighted in the image below.

3. Sometimes the pigmentation is irregular and may appear somewhat darker or darker areas that can give the impression that the product is dirty but if you try to clean it will verify that it is intrinsic to the material. You can also see clearer areas that are marks left in the demolding process. See highlighted sections of the images below.

4.You can also observe some points or lines with more color due to excess blue pigmentation in some area. All these imperfections are aesthetic and do not affect the safety or functionality of the product. See highlighted sections in the images shown below.